4 Graphic Art Tricks for Great Displays!

Here are four simple tricks for making great displays. ( If you are participating in a group exhibit make sure to follow the exhibit guidelines.)

Graphics are easy and fun to use!

  1. Creating Graphics

    Create or choose simple graphic images. Bold colors and simplified shapes quickly capture attention. In our display “Maple Syrup” we used free clip art maple leaves in eye-catching red and yellow. We used copy shop printing on card stock and printed our leaves in various sizes.


  2. Leading Graphics

    Use your images to lead your viewer's eye through your display. In our display the maple leaves are placed to look like they are “falling” down and through the title. You will also see that a large red leaf is centered above the iPad window.

  1. Cutting Out

    A great trick for keeping your images clear is cutting a narrow white boarder around the edges of the image. The white border keeps your images defined and eliminates the need for perfect cutting.


  2. Placing Graphics

    Consider having your images go over the edges of your display board. In our sample the bottom half of the leaf is falling off the header board. ( Consider adding backing to your graphics if your graphics are printed on thin paper paper.





    Anni Lorenzini