Easy Steps for Creating Header Boards Using Desktop Printers

It's simple to create professional header boards with desktop Printers. Here are five quick steps for printing professional project titles. Projex Pro's header is 11 inches high and 28 inches wide making it easy to print your headline with a desktop Printer.


 1)  Set-up Page Style

Paper Format: Letter

Width: 28 inches

Height: 11 inches

Orientation: Portrait


2) Format Characters

Fonts: Choose large, bold or black fonts that can be easily read at a distance. Do a distance test to check readability. (Examples: Ariel Black, Rockwell Extra Bold, Showcard Gothic, Wide Latin, etc.)

Also consider trying Font Effects: Shadow and Font Position: Expand


3) Layout your Header Board. Elements to include in your layout:

Education: Project Title and Subtitle

Business: Business Name, Logo, Website Address

Graphics: Choose simple bold graphics or images that can be seen and understood at a distance. Do a distance test to check graphic clarity.


4) Test Print and Mount using re-positional glue stick or mounting spray.

Make adjustments and test again until you are satified with the results.



5) Make adjustments and permanently mount.

For best results use wrinkle free glue stick or mounting spray. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut out header board attachment slots.

Anni Lorenzini