Projex Pro Use at ISEF Science Fairs

According to Lisa Icenroad, Program Manager, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair at the Society for Science, there is currently no rule against presentation boards that display iPad or other tablets.

At Projex Boards, we recommend that students fully charge their tablet before presentations and bring an auxiliary tablet battery to eliminate the need for power cords and power supply. Auxiliary batteries can also help you to achieve a better placement since you will not need to be near a wall to have power supply.

Intel ISEF Display and Safety Regulations

Photograph/Image Display Requirements

Display of photographs other than that of the finalist must have a photo release signed by the subject, and if under 18 years of age, also by the guardian of the subject. Sample consent text: “I consent to the use of visual images (photos, videos, etc.) involving my participation/my child’s participation in this research.” (These forms must be available upon request by a Display & Safety inspector, but shall not be displayed.)

Finalists using audio-visual or multi-media presentations (for example, 35mm slides; videotapes; images, graphics, animations, etc., displayed on computer monitors; or other non-print presentation methods) must be prepared to show the entire presentation to the Display and Safety Inspectors before the project is approved.

Intel ISEF Display and Safety Regulations

Any photograph/visual image/chart/table and/or graph is allowed if:

  1. It is not deemed offensive or inappropriate (which includes images/photographs showing invertebrate or vertebrate animals/humans in surgical, necrotizing or dissection situations) by the Scientific Review Committee, the Display and Safety Committee, or Society for Science & the Public. The decision made by any one of the groups mentioned above is final.

  2. It has a credit line of origin (“Photograph taken by...”or “Image taken from...” or “Graph/Chart/Table taken from…”). (If all images, etc. being displayed were taken or created by the finalist or are from the same source, one credit line prominently and vertically displayed on the backboard/poster or tabletop is sufficient.)

  3. It is from the Internet, magazine, newspaper, journal, etc., and a credit line is attached. (If all photographs, etc. are from the same source, one credit prominently and vertically displayed is sufficient.)

  4. It is a photograph or visual depiction of the finalist.

  5. It is a photograph or visual depiction for which a signed consent form is at the project or in the booth.

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