5 Simple Secrets for Eye-Catching Header Boards

It's easy to make your project title standout with a well designed headline.  Here are five simple secrets for creating an eye-catching header board.

1. Choose one primary color and one secondary or accent color.

2. Choose an extra large bold typeface that is easy to read at a distance.

3. Choose true high impact words like:

New, Now, This, You, Your, People, How, What, Which, When, Why, Facts, Exclusive, Inspiring, Improved, Breakthrough, Researched, Truth, Accomplished and Answers

also consider How To and Create Lists.

4. Choose large, simple and memorable images.

5. Choose high-quality printing.

Use these five simple secrets to make your header board eye-catching.

Projex Boards Header are 11 x 28 inches are compatible with 8/12 x 11 inch paper.


Anni Lorenzini