Make a Science Fair Project Video

Create outstanding Science Fair Poster Projects by using your tablet to document your project. You can create video about scientific procedures used to make discovery, test hypothesis or demonstrate a known fact. Video can also be effective in projects that use scientific methods like observations, interviews and data gathering. For some projects video maybe an appropriate way to express your conclusions.

Think creatively about how you might use video to set-up the framework for Scientific thinking. Imagine how you can use the six -steps of scientific thinking to create original video:


  1. Ask a Question: Example: Show the origins of your question

  2. Do Background Research: Example: Video “hands-on” research

  3. Construct a Hypothesis: Example: Use graphics to put your string of thoughts together

  4. Test with an Experiment: Example: Show field or laboratory work.

  5. Analyze Results: Example: Use graphics that express data like graphs and charts

  6. Draw Conclusions: Example: Show your results


More Options for Video

  • Methods, Materials and Procedures

  • Laboratory Experiments

  • Field Experiments

  • Time Studies

  • Observations

  • Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Materials


Things to do:

  1. Consult with your teacher and adviser about your plans.

  2. Get written permission to record any video that features other people.

  3. Use software presentation programs to express date rather than repeating the contents of your display.






Anni Lorenzini