A whole new way to display.






Trifold Presentation Boards and Poster Making Supplies

A whole new way to display.



All-new tri fold poster project board for iPad. Instantly improve your presentation with Projex Pro. Connects your iPad 9.7 for adding video, music, interactive games and more.  Projex Pro 36x40 trifold display board's new design is available with smooth white display surface and natural craft back. All parts included for quick and easy assembly.




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Unfold the Possibilities with Poster Pro.

All-new trifold display with a fold-out header

36 x 48

All-in-one Display board and header card

Ready to use

no assembly required

Easy to make, Move and set-Up




Design Pro Graphic Label Kits from $12.99

Design Pro Presentation Board Packs from $29.99

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Design Pro for Beautifully Organized display Boards

Fast Professional Display Boards for Business, Education, Health & Wellness, Non-Profits and Government Programs.

Design Pro Self-Adhesive Graphic Labels = A Well-Organized Presentation

Display Board Layout Idea Included

New Design Pro Kits for Fast Professional Display Boards

Big Self-Adhesive Graphics for money saving professional display board presentations. Available in three themes: NEW for Business Promotion, JOIN US for Membership, Recruitment or Programs and BE WELL for Health and Wellness. Available in Classic and Creative Styles.

Science Pro Kit

26 High-visibility Science Subtitles and Graphic


26 High Visibility Graphic Labels in Creative and Classic Styles with easy to follow Design Pro Layout Ideas.


More about Projex Board


Create your own content

 Make and share videos.  In our video, the science students create a video of their laboratory experiment to demonstrate methods, materials and procedures. 

Science Fair Project Resources:  EPA's Science Fair Project Ideas, NASA's How to Do a Science Fair ProjectUSGS How to do a Science Project, NOAA/NASA SciJinks and Science Fair Project Ideas for Energy Savers



design your board

Create a beautiful display on the smooth white front.  We recommend creating your display on the front of your Projex Pro Board before adding the pocket and easel stand on the back of the board.

Science Fair Display Board Layout Resources: Display Board Contents


assemble your board

Watch the instructional video to assemble your Projex Pro Board in under 10 minutes or follow the directions enclosed in the box.  Use the double sided mounting tape to attach the tablet pocket and easel stand to the back of the board.  Power up by running your power cords through the opening in the tablet pocket and at the bottom of the board.


present your board

Use the cord holes in the tablet pocket for power cords and remember to set-up your tablet display to "never" to keep your tablet on during your presentation.  Read National Science Fair Display Board rules from Society of Science.  Read about interactive display boards on Wikipedia

TIP: Bring an auxiliary tablet battery to your presentation.


Make your Projex Pro Board

Your Projex Board takes only a few minutes to set-up. Download the instructions here or watch this video for an alternate method.


Our Company Story

We’re a Vermont based family business. We got our start by adding a computer screen to a science fair display board.  The project earned top awards and the poster board was amazing. Projex Boards are easy to make and fun to use. We support our local and national economy by making all Projex Boards in upstate New York with pack & ship in Vermont.  We make our boards out of recyclable materials because we care about the environment.   When you order a Projex Board you support American ingenuity and American jobs.  Buy American and help your country grow.

Patents: US 9,129,537, D753,663 S,  US 9,747823B

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